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Technology advantage

High-Performance R&D Team

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  Comprehensive, In-depth, Integrated Design Services  
BESTTRAVEL professional R&D and project management team offer customers the best and unique product design and producing services with innovative concepts of design. 

From concept design to product producing, BESTTRAVEL professional R&D team has established the comprehensive and stable relationship with customers.
  BESTTRAVEL has capability to develop new products and switch to mass production stage in very short period through a series extremely innovative R&D procedure. In addition to some basic specification, BESTTRAVEL also provides customers more comprehensive testing project based on our mature R&D experiences. High self-standard allows us to provide customers more thoughtful and perfect services.

To meet the customers’ requirement of product reliability, BESTTRAVEL established Product Safety Testing Laboratory with a variety of specialized testing equipments and acquire TUV Witness Test Level Certificate to provide our customers most professional and reliable product testing services.


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