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Quality Assurance

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In order to pursue BESTTRAVEL products’ high quality policy, start from the design, raw material qualification, production, quality control, to the delivery of products, BESTTRAVEL continuously put a lot BESTTRAVEL sources into quality control system.
Before the mass production, BESTTRAVEL would strictly guard on verification of products’ design, reliability, compatibility, and safety requirements between software, hardware, and mechanism. Raw materials’ qualification will also be completed in this stage.
When it comes to mass production, we set up strictly quality control procedures to ensure all the products and raw materials meet BESTTRAVEL requested high quality standard.


In order to ensure the products with consistent quality, BESTTRAVEL also conduct the Ongoing Reliability Test (ORT) irregularly to show our non-negotiable spirit of pursuing high quality.
Customers’ satisfaction is always our first priority, so BESTTRAVEL quality control system not only boosts the reliability of products but also continuously put a lot of efforts in quality Improvement projects and activities. Including the products’ design, production, quality control, shipping, internal operation, document control, and after sales.


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